Tulare County’s Target Industries are Booming!

Tulare County’s Target Industries are Booming! Main Photo

23 Oct 2023


“There are several target industries that are finding long-term success here in Tulare County, CA. Our regional strengths deliver results for businesses that choose to locate here,” stated Denise England, the Grants & Resources Manager for the County of Tulare. All businesses that are located here benefit from a low cost of living (homes cost less than half of the California and national averages), faster permitting times (90 days), affordable sites off the interstate, and hands-on support from the TCEDO.

Tulare County is the Ideal Location for Your Business!

The TCEDO has a dedicated staff available to help you with business planning, help with the permit process, and execution planning for development and expansion. Current target industries thriving in the area include Agriculture, Logistics, Manufacturing, Highway Truck Driving, Healthcare, Renewable Energy, and Film. Click here to learn more about doing business in Tulare County and contact the TCEDO for assistance at any time!