Tulare County Has an Easy Permitting Process: Fast Track Your Project

If you need to build or expand quickly in California, come to Tulare County. We have an easy permitting process and the Tulare County Economic Development Office can help you to fast track a permit so it’s issued quickly. Our average turnaround time is under 90 days thanks to our one-stop-shop permitting counter and online system!

How to Get a Permit in 90 Days in California

#1 Speak with the Tulare County Economic Development Office

Our office can discuss the project and what you want to do, then make recommendations about what is needed for a full permit application. We have sites off the interstate that offer easy access to Bakersfield, Fresno, and the entire country. 

Contact our Economic Development Analyst, Alicia Balderas, by phone at (559) 624-7177 or by email at economicdevelopment@tularecounty.ca.gov.

#2 Build in Tulare County’s unincorporated communities.

Tulare County’s zoning rules have changed to make most building types able to secure a permit by right. This means that only a few projects will require a special use permit or zone change to move forward. Those that do, may still be able to fast-track the permitting process.

#3 Use Tulare County’s electronic portal to apply for permits

By moving everything online, we have made it easier for people to apply for permits. This also speeds up the process because multiple departments within Tulare County can be reviewing permit applications at the same time.

#4 Meet with the Project Review Committee

Tulare County’s Project Review Committee meets weekly. If the project is not by-right, we help to fast-track permits by coordinating with all of the internal and external agencies such as the Tulare County Fire Department, Tulare County Environmental Health Department, and various state agencies.

Other benefits of building (and getting a fast-track permit) in Tulare County include:

  • No impact fees*
  • Low red tape
  • Hands-on support
  • Departments that work together to get the project done!