Tulare County, CA’s Cost of Living is Lower than the U.S. Average

According to BestPlaces, the cost of living in Tulare County is 99.6 percent of the national average. So, the majority of people moving to Tulare County will save money by doing so. For those currently living in California, the savings is even more stark. 

row of townhousesHomes in Tulare County cost half of what they do in most parts of California. The median home cost in Tulare County is $308,500, whereas the median price in California is $733,500. Start your home search here. 

Other Areas of Savings

Groceries cost less than the national average in Tulare County and with so many farms it’s easy to purchase fresh produce.

Transportation costs are less in Tulare County as well. We have limited traffic which means less money spent on gas as well.

Free parks offer endless recreation opportunities. 

Fee-free days offer no-cost admission to Sequoia National Park.

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