Renewable Energy is Generated in Tulare County, California

California has a long history and bright future for driving innovations for renewable energy production and storage.

sunset reflecting on solar panelsTulare County is home to Rexford 1 — the largest solar farm in the nation generating 700 megawatts (MW) with another 700 MW of battery storage. In 2020, Tulare County approved the Rexford 2 project, which will provide an additional 500 MW with 500 MW of battery storage. The electricity generated by the Rexford 1 and 2 projects provides power for 370,000 residents in Southern California. Businesses can benefit from affordable clean energy that can help offset their carbon footprint.

The Tulare County Economic Development Office invites businesses to reach out to discuss opportunities to become part of Tulare County’s strong renewable energy cluster. There are specific opportunities in solar manufacturing, deployment, and servicing, along with battery storage and Anaerobic Digestion.

There are several advantages to growing a renewable energy company in Tulare County that include:

  • Proof that it works (see the success of the Rexford projects)
  • Affordable real estate (our prices are less than half of the California average)
  • Fast-track permitting process
  • Hands-on support from the economic development team
  • Available and fair workforce

Contact us for help bringing your renewable energy business to Tulare County.