Tulare County, CA: Fast Permitting Times, No Red Tape

Tulare County stands out in California for being affordable (our homes cost less than the national average) and an easy place to do business. The Tulare County Economic Development Office has worked to cut red tape, eliminate development impact fees, and create an expedited permitting process so businesses can get up and running quickly. We provide hands-on support and will guide you through the process of opening or expanding your business.

Millions of people flock to the Sequoia National Park each year, and our tourism sector is booming. These travelers and a growing distribution industry have expedited the need for development along the Hwy 99 Corridor, where Tulare County has 13 off-ramps. In addition, our value-added agriculture, distribution, renewable energy, and healthcare industries are growing. We invite you to discover how opportunities in Tulare County can benefit your business. Contact the Tulare County EDO team today!