Education in Tulare County: Opportunity in the Sequoias

In Tulare County, education is dynamic, equitable, and of the utmost importance. Whether residents are looking for community colleges, specialized job training, a stellar K-12 system, or a four-year university, education is abundant and held to a high standard in Tulare County. Tulare County‚Äôs K-12 system has a variety of programs including vocational and technical education. Different programs offer specialized pathways for young professionals in areas like architecture, engineering, and more. In addition, with programs in place for migrant students, houseless youth, foster youth, and more, the Tulare County Board of Education is dedicated to providing an equal educational experience for every student. 

Career Development and College Preparation

For higher education, Tulare County is home to community colleges as well as 4-year universities with satellite campuses. Moreover, the county has many education initiatives that help prepare students for higher education. The Tulare-Kings College + Career Collaborative (TKCCC) comprises 12 school districts, a charter school, and the Kings and Tulare county offices of education. The collaborative works with local community colleges, universities, workforce development agencies, and business and industry partners to prepare students for college and career decisions. By the time students are transitioning into the college and/or career of their choice, students feel prepared and ready for the next step. The collaborative also supports the development of career pathway programs and provides work experiences and internships. 

There are many reasons to move to Tulare County, and the supportive educational system provides the basis for a fulfilled community. To learn more, click the links below. Click here to learn more about our Higher Education options.