Manufacturing Costs Less in Tulare County, California

machine shop workersTulare County provides manufacturers easy access to California and West Coast markets at cost-effective prices. Industrial parks and development-ready sites in Tulare County can be the location of your next manufacturing hub. 

Benefits of manufacturing in Tulare County include:

  • Affordable, skilled workforce
  • It costs less to operate a business in Tulare County but you can reach all major California markets in one to four hours
  • Real estate costs less than the rest of California (homes are less than half of the average)
  • Reliable utility providers
  • Sites adjacent to the Hwy 99 Corridor and Hwy 198, with connectivity to I-5
  • Permits can be issued in 90 days!

Our location and easy permitting process are why companies like Green Power Bus, Dryvit Systems, Nutrient Technologies, Jostens, and Tempo Plastics made Tulare County their home. 

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