Tulare County’s Easy Permit Process Helping Businesses!

Tulare County’s Easy Permit Process Helping Businesses! Main Photo

9 Oct 2023


“Businesses looking to build or expand quickly in California are encouraged to come to Tulare County, CA. The county has an easy permitting process that is helping business owners build or expand here within 90 days of applying,” said Denise England, the Grants & Resources Manager for the County of Tulare. Thanks to TCEDO’s permitting counter and online system, you can fast-track permits you are interested in applying for.

Fast Track Projects in Tulare County!

Step one is to speak with a member of the TCEDO staff and discuss the project you plan on executing. The second step is to build and expand in the county’s unincorporated communities. Third, utilize the online system that the TCEDO has for the permitting process. Lastly, meet with the project review committee to be approved. Click here to learn more about the quick and easy permitting process and start building in Tulare County today!