Coming Soon: World Ag Expo 2024!

31 Jan 2024


Globally, California is one of the top agricultural producers with diverse crops. Wineries may be top-of-mind when non-residents mention California. Yet, from various fruits to cotton, California’s extensive agricultural roots date back to the 18th century. Continuing its rich-producing tradition, heritage, and culture, California continues to offer much to the agIndustry.

Tulare County

Yes, agriculture is a core driving force behind many local economies in California, and Tulare County is in the top tier. Centered between Sacramento and Los Angeles, if it were a state, Tulare County would rank third in the nation by being a top dairy-producing county. Tulare County is also home to some of the largest trees in the world, giant sequoias, housed at Sequoia National Park and Sequoia National Forest.

While Tulare County more than satisfies agricultural needs, it also satisfies an abundance of distribution needs. The transportation infrastructure benefits businesses by offering land, air, and water accommodations:

  • Land - Offering 13 off-ramps with accessible connections to CA-99, CA-198, and CA-190, while I-5 runs directly through the southeast part of Tulare County.
  • Air - Less than a 90-minute drive to three airports, one offering daily cargo service by FedEx and UPS.
  • Water - 3.5 hours drive away from two of the largest water ports in the United States and 4.5 hours drive away from two additional ports.

Tulare County offers much and, since 1968, continues to offer the World Ag Expo!

World Ag Expo

The World Ag Expo is gearing up for its 56th year of networking while helping to sustain and grow the agEconomy and agIndustry. Starting in Tulare County, though the name has changed a few times, the purpose remained the same - To connect buyers and sellers in agriculture.

Here’s a little growth history behind the World Ag Expo as stated on the International Agri-Center’s website:

  • 1968 - The California Field and Row Crop Equipment Show was born. 
  • 1969 - Name changed to California Farm Equipment Show to include all fields of agriculture and farming tool
  • 1976 - A wait list of 75 exhibitors
  • 1979 - Another name change to include the international reach of the California Farm Equipment Show and International Exposition
  • 1982 - After outgrowing Tulare County Fairgrounds, the show moved to the International Agri-Center in the city of Tulare, and attendees maxed out the 1,000 limit
  • 2001 - Due to 15 of the 52 exhibitors being from foreign nations, close to 900 attendees from 61 nations, and nearly 80 interpreters translated into 55 different languages, the show changed its name once more to World Ag Expo.

“The Tulare Show or the California show was officially global.” Although an annual, global event, the homefront remains in Tulare County.

Experience World Ag Expo 2024!

Tulare County Economic Development Office (EDO) invites you to the World Ag Expo 2024! Come and see for yourself why the agriculture industry is here to stay and how it plans to sustain. When work feels like a mini-vacation, the benefits of your attendance include:

  • Networking within the agIndustry
  • Connect with like-minded agMembers
  • First views/experiences of new products
  • Discounted prices on items purchased directly from sellers
  • Witness live demonstrations
  • Attend industry-specific seminars
  • Explore Tulare County through agTours

This is a family-friendly event, and Tulare County residents would enjoy your company. For more information, visit World Ag Expo 2024 or contact Tulare County EDO. Your presence is requested to enjoy, learn, and grow with us.