Start a Successful Business in Tulare County, CA!

Start a Successful Business in Tulare County, CA! Main Photo

20 Nov 2023


“More entrepreneurs and business owners are choosing to locate in Tulare County, CA, because of its many location advantages. One major advantage is that the Tulare County Economic Development Office (TCEDO) is dedicated to providing hands-on support and assistance to ensure each business in the county is successful,” said Michael Washam, the Associate Director of the Tulare County Resource Management Agency. Also, thanks to the TCEDO and its easy permitting process, permits have an amazing turnaround time of just 90 days!

Entrepreneur Resources Are Helping Tulare County’s Businesses Thrive!

Another major advantage is the low cost of doing business and living in the county, which is less than the national and state averages. Doing business with nearby cities, such as Bakersfield and Fresno, is easy because they are only an hour away. The Valley Community SBDC is a consulting service dedicated to helping entrepreneurs with business planning, securing funding, expansion, and more. Click here to learn more about Tulare County today!