Housing Costs Less in Tulare County, California

California has a reputation for being incredibly expensive, and in most cities, it’s true. But not in Tulare County. Tulare County’s cost of living is actually less than the national average (BestPlaces). If you’ve been dreaming of living in California but are worried about the price tag, Tulare County is the best place to live. Not only is it affordable, but we are also the gateway to the Sequoia National Park and offer endless recreation opportunities.

In Tulare County, homes cost less than half of what they do in the rest of California.

The median home cost in Tulare County is $308,500, whereas the median price in California is $733,500. It’s no wonder why Tulare County is the place everyone wants to live to avoid those high-cost living areas. 

To put this in perspective, a mortgage of $308,000 at 6 percent interest (in Tulare County) would have a monthly payment of $1,847. A mortgage of $733,000 at 6 percent interest (the average in California) would have a monthly payment of $4,395. It’s easy to see how moving to Tulare County can make the world of difference for families looking to stretch their dollar further, or simply spend less to live. 

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